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I’m not superwoman, and why should I be? ..

I’m back. I am hormonal. I am tired. My feet are swollen. I’m not superwoman. I can’t do everything, and do you know what? Why the fuck should I have to.
As women, we get on with shit, yes we moan about it, and ”nag” and ”act crazy” but we get shit done, it’s just what we do. But there comes a time when you need a bit of help, and you shouldn’t have to ask for it.
I was in Aldi doing the food shop the other week, it was the first time I noticed I should slow down a bit, it wasn’t my belly hurt when I lifted the stuff onto the conveyor belt, but I was more aware of it. Aldi is a task anyway, especially once you get to that till and you have approx 10 seconds to grab your stuff put it in a bag, get your money/card out, pay for it, before theyre either stood there tapping on the till impatiently, or shoving some other poor bugger’s shopping at you. So I dread it every time, Mercadona is alot better (depending on who you get) but I thought no, fuck it, plus I fancied there fresh lasagne (if you haven’t tried it what are you waiting for?!)
So anyway, I was stood in the queue, ready for the mission ahead, and there was a guy behind me with a few items, I normally let people like this go before me but it was too late as the cashier had already started, and he could see I was getting myself into a pickle, and he just stepped in, and asked if he could help me, I was in shock (also wondering if this is the sort of this where u get distracted and they nick your purse) but no, he started packing my bags for me, and when the cashier started staring at me impatiently waiting for me to pay he simply told me ”no, pack your stuff into your trolley first before you pay, there’s no rush” while he carried on helping me, and do you know what? Something so simple from someone I don’t know, really restored my faith in humanity. It might not sound like alot to people, and it somehow makes it worse when people are impatient and rude, because you realise it’s not hard to be nice, and how one simple act of kindness can change someone’s day without you realising it.
I don’t really know what the point of this post is, but what I’m simply saying is if you see someone is having a tough day and needs even a few little words of encouragement, say them. If you see a plate needs washing up, wash it. Someone looks like they need 5 minutes out and a cup of tea? Put that kettle on. If your girlfriend/wife looks tired at the end of the day, cook dinner, it doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, not all these gestures need to be instagram-worthy like buying expensive jewellry or taking us out to expensive restaurants (this would also be nice haha!), sometimes it’s just the little things that mean the most.
And to the man in Aldi, I didn’t get your name : Thank you, there should be more people like you in this world.


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What about him? …

When it comes to pregnancy, people tend to focus alot on the woman. Of course I know it’s the woman that gives birth, and carries the baby for 9 months, but it’s about the man too, after all if it wasn’t for him there would be no baby!

I have been asked so much about all of the decisions, breastfeeding, type of birth, have we chosen a name yet? (the most annoying one recently!), how I’m feeling /why don’t people ask him how he’s feeling too?) and when I tell him at the end of the day about all the questions, he doesn’t seem to get it because he’s not asked them at all.

It’s a big change for both of us, and they are all decisions that need to be made as a couple – we are both going to be parents to our little girl after all! Which is another thing I’ve noticed that is bloody annoying! When the dad’s look after the baby they’re “babysitting” .. no they’re not, they’re fucking parenting!! It’s not just the Mum that is the parent!

When it comes to alot of the decisions, like recently I have been looking at nursery furniture etc, he is very chilled out about everything, says how we can wait etc and we don’t need to get everything now, it’s probably the control freak in me but I want to get everything organised asap as organisation helps me feel alot better and relaxed when I know most of the stuff is done and what else needs to be done/bought. It’s good in a way that he’s relaxed because he helps me to calm down, if we were both worriers and control freaks then it would be a nightmare!

Also now we are feeling the baby move more now, the best part of our day is when we are chilling out in the evening, and can feel our little nugget move and he gets so excited about feeling it too, although there was a big kick the other day which I think freaked him out a little bit!

I think all men who have had pregnant partners just need a highfive because shit, I don’t know how Arkaitz has put up with my moodswings lately! From throwing baguettes to taking it out on the fridge, he’s still by my side and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



It’s nice to see there are more Facebook pages made by men that talk open about pregnancy and parenting, my favourites are :

So yeah, that’s my soppy men appreciation post over, normal ranty list posts will be resumed shortly! (Please note I am quite clearly in a calm, loving state right now, but that can change in 5 to 10 minutes so let’s embrace this nice feeling while it lasts, I’ll be moaning about him again soon!! )




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Pregnancy Diary – Kids&Co Baby Fair ..




Quite alot to cover in this post so I thought I’d do a pregnancy diary post, as you do.

On Friday I went out with the girls from work to raise money for their trip to Gambia, and it was quite nice to be drinking hot chocolate on a night out while they were all on the vodka haha.

On Saturday I went to the Kids&Co baby/toddler fair at the IFA in Alicante. I thought I would go there, see everything I wanted and leave with a clear head. I left feeling so overwhelmed and confused, it was all too much. It was really good, but there were so many stalls and so much stuff I left with a very fried head and a load of leaflets, oh and some samples of nipple cream! One lady who was giving out information on massages to relieve colic started to speak to me, and she said to me ”Hola! Cómo estás? Bueno, gordita!” while staring at my stomach … (Hi, How are you? Well a bit fat!) .. which I think was very brave and extremely stupid considering there were about 200 or more pregnant, hormonal women in the room, so I’d be surprised if she didn’t leave without a black eye, and I’ll be even more surprised if people go to her clinic! I don’t see why people need to comment on stuff really. There were also people there offering free 5 minute 4d scan sessions, which I thought was very weird as they had load of people gathering around watching, and even taking pictures/videoing other people’s scans. I just think it’s too much, it’s such a personal thing when you have your scan, but each to their own I guess.

We then went to Aljub to have a look round the shops and have a well deserved McDonalds and then headed home. I bought a nice bargain jumper in Primark, so was happy with that.

I was so tired from the night before and from walking round all day and just wanted to have a night in bed watching films and eating crappy food, then Mum asked me if I wanted to go for a curry, and all of a sudden I felt so emotional and overwhelmed with everything, a night in on my own was the last thing I needed, so we went out and had a lovely meal.

I got home, (after kidnapping the dog!), and put Juno on and snuggled up in bed, while I ate some mini chocolate muffins (if they’re mini you can have double the amount right?) I went to turn over and noticed my arm felt weirdly cold/damp. So at half past 1 in the morning the milk man has decided to come in, I had my first bit of milk come through and my reaction? I sobbed like a baby (pardon the pun!) I did not expect it at all, and after all the baby stuff frying my head that day, I didn’t know what else to do but cry, and ring Arkaitz. Sure that was an interesting phonecall he got while he was fishing! So he came home and I felt alot better the next day after having a good nights sleep I felt a bit more stable (only a bit!). We went shopping and Arkaitz picked out some cute Minnie Mouse baby grows for nugget to match her teddy my mum has bought for her.

So it would appear I am in the next phase now, which is the emotional weepy stage, so this will be fun!

Current craving is banana custard and macaroni cheese (not together!)

So that’s the update on my week! Sorry for the milk/nipple talk!



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Words I never thought I’d say ..

Pregnancy changes people .. here are a few things that show just how things have changed!

  • “Can you order a glass of red wine please so I can smell it?” The last 2 weeks or so, I have been craving smells, not actually eating things, the most recent one is red wine. Please note pre-pregnancy I didn’t like red wine, I know I still don’t like it now, but that smell, give it to me!
  • “Aw I love how big my belly is in this!” This came after I started wearing more fitted clothes instead of trying to hide under loose tops etc. I’ve always been aware of my podge but now I love it and am proud of it 🙂
  • “I have some spare knickers in my bag” One of the many incontinence related sentences that have come out of my mouth. Yes, I keep weeing myself, it’s not pretty, and I’m not proud of it, so I carry a spare pair of knickers in my bag. Classy bird!
  • “Wow, look how hairy my belly is!” NOBODY WARNS YOU ABOUT THIS PEOPLE!! It appeared literally over night, and now I’m sort of getting used to it.
  • “Did you just hear my hips crack?!” Another little wonder nobody warns you about. 
  • “Oooh breast pads are on offer!” Pre-pregnancy me would be excited about candles being reduced, and cushions (I still am!) but I never thought I’d get that excited about breast pads being on offer! Still rather worried about this one.
  • “Ffs I’ve weed myself again” Yet another incontinence related sentence. It can be a sneeze, a laugh, a cough, or even nothing!! 
  • “I’d better do that now before I run out of energy!” My energy lasts about the same as an Iphone battery. I can be full of beans one minute and then I blink and it’s just gone, zero. Normally once I’ve started one of those jobs you wish you hadn’t started!
  • “I love feeling her move about” Before I was pregnant, the thought of feeling a baby moving around inside me freaked me out big time, I know I’ve only just started feeling the little wriggles so far, but I love feeling her move about in the evenings when I sit down to relax. Not sure how I will feel once I can start seeing loads of movements mind, but one step at a time!
  • “I think I overreacted a little bit” Hahahhaha you’re havin’ a laugh aren’t you? I’d never say this. Pregnant women don’t overreact.



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Pregnancy Diary / Week 21 ..

This week has been our most exciting one yet. It started with our scan on Monday, and then of course the 4d scan I did the post about on Monday evening, and then on Tuesday evening my Mum & Dad came over from England. I put some pink balloons in my boot to let them know they were having a granddaughter and we all screamed and cried a bit haha.

On Thursday night it was a bit eventful, went to bed earlier than normal, and I woke up in an absolute panic because I couldn’t move due to a really bad cramping sensation in my left side. I woke Arkaitz up and he thought I was joking, then realised I was serious and couldn’t move, so he managed to lift me up and walk me to my ball, that I had a little bounce on, and I made myself a hot water bottle and managed to sleep again. The next day I was still a bit achey but it eased after work when I was moving about a bit more, not very nice though,  if it happens again I will definitely go to the doctors.

On Friday night I went for a curry with Mum & Dad and I finally had my lamb tikka masala I’ve been craving for months, Saturday went shopping with Mum, which was nice as we could finally look at some pink stuff!! Had a lovely meal out on Saturday night, at El Patio in Los Narejos, and today (Sunday) we’ve just had a bit of a sort out this morning and a chill day.

As I’m showing a bit more now, when me & Mum went car booting on Saturday, as we haven’t been in a while, one of the lady’s simply pointed at my belly when we were walking over to her stall, and another man mentioned the new baby cards while we were looking, as he pointed at my belly. I’m sure they meant well, but it’s still taking some getting used to I suppose.

I have felt our little girl move more this week, more in the day time now and not just at night, which is lovely, and it feels like I’m carrying 4 potatoes now. I saw the midwife on Wednesday and she said I’ve put on another kilo since my last appointment, so I weigh 70 kgs, nearly back at my original weight before I was pregnant! As I’m not able to take pregnancy vitamins, I’ve upped the folic acid intake in my diet so have bought lots of spinach, broccoli, lentils and muesli, I didn’t realise how much folic acid was in cereals!

No cravings or aversions this week, all in all quite a good week.(Except for Thursday)

So we are going to catch up on last night’s X Factor now and have some Tomato soup and fresh baguette for dinner, and I’ll probably do a facemask too!


take care


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Good Afternoon!

One of the things I will put my hands up and say about being pregnant for the first time is .. “I haven’t got a clue!” There are so many brands of absolutely everything, and so many different types of everything, and especially with the things that are recommended being changed pretty much every year, it can be bloody baffling knowing where to start.

A good thing is, quite a few companies are willing to send out freebies/samples of stuff, so you can get a bit of an idea on the best option for your baby (and you!)

I have done a little (big!) list of the best websites to sign up to to get samples and freebies sent out, I know I am based in Spain but luckily with Mum & Dad flying over quite often, I have signed up to some English sites too, some websites just bombard you with emails, but I have received some pretty cute little gifts too. Here’s a list below of what I have signed up to, what I have received, and what I have unsubscribed for.

  • Cow & Gate (UK) – This was recommended to me by my cousin’s wife, Alyshia, and I received a cute little cow teddy, a magazine and a pregnancy diary. I have now unsubscribed as they sent quite alot of spam post and emails.
  • Todo Papás (Spain) – After putting my address and details in, I was sent an email by them saying I could collect a hamper box/canastilla from Zippy at La Zenia Boulevard, the box (photo below) included : A Philips Avent bottle, 3 nappies, infusion samples and a dummy. While we were there we bought baby some socks (I’m obsessed with baby socks) and they gave us a 60 cent voucher, not alot but every penny counts hey!
  • Emma’s Diary (UK) – This page is linked to Argos, so you have access to lots of Argos discount vouchers, you can also collect 3 hamper bags from Boots, but my mum hasn’t collected them yet. From reading people’s reviews online, there are mixed reviews, some people receive nice stuff, others not so much. I was also automatically subscribed to The Baby & Toddler Show emails, so I have unsubscribed from both.
  • Mi Bebé y Yo (Spain) – When you sign up to this one, you get a free 6 month magazine subscription, and you will also received a hamper when the baby is 6 months old. This company is linked to the midwife, she gave me a pink hamper when I had my appointment last week, which included A Frosch bottle cleaner, Pilopeptan Hair Capsules, Dodot Nappy, Suavinex Dummy, Suavinex Samples, Lottery for a jamón the weight of your baby (???), a baby on board sign, Blevit Tea Samples, Bepanthol Nappy Cream Sample and a bottle of water. There is also a leaflet for When we went for our 4d scan, we got given another hamper box, this one was blue and included a chicco dummy, bio oil sample, Bepanthol Nappy Cream, 10 € voucher for Kiabi (on purchases over 40 euros), Norit Detergent Sample, Chicco Breast Pad 2 pack, Dodot Sensitive Baby Wipes, a Dodot nappy, Oral B Pro Expert 15 ml sample, and a bottle of water. Photos are below.
  • Drim (Spain) – I signed up for these through my Mi Bebé y Yo pink box, there was a leaflet in there with a code to receive a free toy of our choice. I have ordered a bath thermometer, it’s free postage too and should be here this week, will keep you informed.
  • Nestlé Bebé (Spain) – We received a bib, a fridge magnet, a baby on board sign, and a growth chart. Quite a cute little pack we received for this one, and not many emails either.
  • SMA Baby Club (UK) – We received a cute little welcome pack of baby milestone cards. Have unsubscribed now though as I kept getting lots of emails!

These are the ones I have signed up to that have sent us stuff so far. I’ve subscribed to alot more, but unsubscribed as they just bombard you with emails. If I received any more stuff I will let you know 🙂

Belo + Me (UK based site, gave me a 10 % off discount code), lots of emails. Baby Center, weekly updates *unsubscribed. Club de Padres Blemil & Blevit, lots of emails, *unsubcribed. Edúkame, free e-book *unsubscribed. Dodot, *unsubscribed. Envie de Fraise, I didn’t subsrube to this, receive alot of emails, *unsubscribed. Motherly, *unsubscribed. Mothercare, lots of emails, *unsubscribed. Let’s Family, they send you a hamper when your baby is 6 months old. Mamás & Papas, lots of emails *unsubscribed. Nestlé Bebé, *unsubscribed. Proximaati, another one I didn’t sign up for, *unsubscribed. Puleva, Philips, *unsubscribed. Zippy Kids, send alot of discount codes and let you know when there are offers in store.

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Pink or blue – the 4d scan ..


Yesterday was the big day and a day I think none of us will forget, it was the big reveal, the pink or blue, the gender scan! With everything there was such a build up and the night before felt like Christmas Eve just because we were going to see our nugget again. So we get to the hospital, got called in straight away, everything’s running smoothly. She asked us the question “do you want to know if it’s a niño or niña?” We say of course …. then she goes quiet … Turns out we have a very shy baby and I have a very awkward placenta at the front so …. SHE CAN’T CONFIRM! She said what she thought it was, but she couldn’t confirm it!

So she told us that everything was fine and healthy with the baby, which is the most important thing, but we came out and althought none of us said it, we felt deflated, and confused, after such a build up, to then be told she doesn’t know.

So when I got back to work, I did some investigating, I looked up 4d scans, I’d had a nosey around at them before but didn’t really know where were the nearest ones etc.

We found one in Elche, called Econóceme4D, and it was 59 euros for a 25 minute session, including all of the photos, and a hamper/canastilla. I rung them, and the woman was so friendly straight away, she could tell I was a bit of a looney on the phone when I spoke to her at 4 asking for an appointment that evening, so she said she could fit us in at 6.15.

We got there, wasn’t too bad to park as I thought, quite easy to find with my navigation skills (thank God for Google maps!) and from the second we walked in we felt at ease. She called us in, and explained a little bit about the promotions, we just said basically we only wanted to confirm the sex after what had happened in the morning.

She pretty much called it straight away .. we are having a little …. girl!  I couldn’t believe it! That was what the doctor had said in the morning as well but of course we needed it confirmed. More than anything because my parents are coming over today and I’m doing a big gender reveal to them in the boot of my car, so needed to know what colour balloons to buy! 😀

So we have a very shy little girl, who had her hand over her face alot, and she even gave us a little pout when we got a photo of her. I can seriously recommend it to everyone, it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be and it’s such an amazing experience!

Their website is and they are on Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 14, 03201 Elche, Alacant, and the phone number is 966094608 or 637612363. They are also in Torrevieja and Pilar de la Horadada (the same phone number) but Elche is the only one open Monday to Saturday, with longer opening hours.

Now we finally know, it’s time to start properly on the nursery and filling her little wardrobe! How exciting! ❤





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”Own it girl” ..

Tonight I went out for a meal with the girls. It’s the first night I have embraced my bump and worn a dress I wore before I was pregnant. It’s a midi bodycon dress and it’s one of my favourites. I would not have had the courage to do this without my girls giving me the encouragement to do so.

It is so important for us ladies to stick together and no matter who you are , where you’re from, whatever, a positive comment always goes along way.

I had a comment from somebody I have met through our blogs (survivingthechaossite) and she simply said ”Girl own it!” and do you know what I did?! I washed and blowdried my hair, I put some lippy on and even wore mascara, and I felt myself again.

This post is all about how important it is for us to be positive with eachother and build eachother up instead of bringing eachother down. I have had plenty of diggy little comments lately which might not be alot to some people but they stick, but for once I decided to focus on the positive and I had a lovely night out!

Below is a screenshot from the girls whatsapp group and everybody needs to hear these words once in a while. So keep positive people, and don’t forget, whether positive or negative, comments stick and dig in more than you think.

Time for me to get into bed and watch Suits now, my new Netflix obsession!

Good night x


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Pregnancy Diary – Week 20 ..

I never thought I’d go down the Pregnancy Diary route. But this week seems to be quite an eventful one so we’ll see how we get on.

It’s my first week of having this blog and already I’ve found some lovely people on here and some brilliant pages with lots of inspiration, and I am so glad I’m not alone on some of the things I rant about!

It’s the last week until we find out if we are having a girl or a boy, so on Monday we will have our 2nd scan and will be finding out which is rather exciting! After all the flu and sickness I’ve had I can’t wait for them to just tell me the words that our baby is healthy and growing fine. Also intrigued to see if my gut instinct is right because I have managed to convince myself we are having a boy! (Eyeing up the bow tie baby grow in H&M already!)

So week 20 means that our little nugget is the size of a mango now. I feel more movement in the evenings when I sit down to watch TV, last night while watching Yummy Mummies I felt the movement further up, to the left of my belly button, which is just so lovely to sit there and have a moment with this little one.

My cravings this week are still jarred chillies, a glass of milk (mainly because I can’t handle the heat of the jarred chillies) and bacon sandwiches. So I can tell already me and nugget are going to get on just fine!

We had to go to the hospital yesterday, as Arkaitz managed to drill a hole in his finger. He is fine though, very proud of his war wound! All antibiotic’d up but playing it very very cool! I don’t think I would be that calm somehow. Very proud of him thought considering he normally passes out at a nosebleed and he didn’t faint, so maybe he is more ready to be in the delivery room than I thought.

I have had my first pregnancy ”get that the fuck away from me” this week. And it’s chicken. I got chicken thighs out the freezer on Tuesday morning. I literally got to work and the thought of them made my stomach turn, even the smell of them, the texture, everything. And still the same now. I still cooked them both thinking it might change as things change day to day but no. I had to literally hide under the covers and open all the windows when he was heating his dinner up! Thank god for bacon sarnies!

I watched Yummy Mummies last night, it’s on every Wednesday at 10pm Spanish time and it’s my absolute addiction. It follows 4 mums to be from Melbourne & Adelaide, and they are loaded. One of them has got clothes for her little girl up until she’s 14! And everything is designer. The whole house is versace, so not surprising, but I mean down to Hugo Boss, Versace, Gucci bottles and dummies, it’s ridiculous! Can’t help but be fascinated by it all though.

So yeah that’s pretty much been what’s been happening this week so far, nothing else to report. Oh and after the comments I had about the pregnancy pillow? I had to upload a photo! ❤IMG_20170913_192852_394Snapchat-883496999IMG_20170912_184810_162


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Things I’m sorry for (that I shouldn’t be) ..

Bit of a weird title for a post I know. I feel like I’m constantly apologising or being made to feel bad or awkward lately .. so here are a few things I feel I should be apologising for ..

  1. For not being positive all the time. Pregnancy is draining. Hormones are draining. I know I should be relaxing and enjoying this experience as many others are, but it’s very tiring when you’re feeling like crap.
  2. For not planning on being a stay at home mum. Look, its 2017. Life isn’t a fairytale. Good for you if you can raise a child on one income. Some people can’t and we are one of them. Deal with it. I’d rather be able to keep a roof over our nugget’s head and food on the table than be worrying about your opinion, thanks.
  3. For not being on a perfectly healthy diet. Being constantly judged on what you eat and what you’re putting into you body is boring people. I know that everything I eat the baby eats, but if I fancy a bacon sandwich every now and again, instead of a salad, then deal with it.
  4. For not having the perfect, tidy home. People judge you and make comments if your house is tidy anyway, you get the old ”oh make the most of it being tidy and there not being toys everywhere” so you really can’t win. I’m tired and if I want to have a nap when I get home instead of tackling the washing straight away, then deal with that too.
  5. For being a stress head. Woman overthink, I’ve mentioned that one before. There are lots of things we have to be thinking about, lots of changes that have already happened and double the amount of changes to come. With all the pressure everyone is on to be the perfect parent, sorry for being a stress head.
  6. For being happy about being pregnant. I always feel like it’s okay for us to moan to people about how we are feeling etc, it’s almost like it’s accepted. Yet as soon as you want to share something positive, I’m made to feel like I’m bragging, when that’s not the case at all. So, sorry for being happy and excited about being pregnant (not that you’d think it from these posts)
  7. For having a quietish easyish life before getting pregnant. If we are going out for dinner for example, or even thinking of going away, the negative comments, which to be honest I could do a whole separate post on, are ridiculous. ”Make the most of being able to go away” ”You won’t be able to go out for dinner like you do atm” ”Ooh won’t you miss going on your nights out?” So yeah, sorry for that too!!

Enough of being sorry now!! Time for Dr. Foster.