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I haven’t written many blog posts in a while as I mainly just rant on instagram now (feel free to follow! @theresabumpahead ) but this one I knew would take up a bit more space so here we go.

After my rather negative post about why I feel like Spain has completely let me down, and Nelly is now 12 weeks (eeekk!) that means in 4 weeks I’m due back at work.

It’s another one of those things I think we are so judged for as well. We are damned if we do go back to work and we’re damned if we don’t!

Now luckily I have an amazing boss who has said if I want to wait and go back in September then I can, but my maternity pay ends at the end of May, and as life isn’t a fairytale, bills need to be paid, so it’s back to work I shall go.

Nelly will be starting nursery, and to be absolutely honest with you, the past 5 nights I have sat and cried my eyes out at the thought of leaving her. Now I know mum’s do it all the time and it’s what needs to be done. but I just can’t imagine me handing her over and then walking away. I feel sick to my stomach.

But saying that, I will feel sick to my stomachif we are going to be stressed and worrying about money so yeah …

I feel guilty for making this decision though, because now I feel like it’s my choice because I’ve been given the option to go back to work at a later date. But I will feel better knowing I can provide for our little girl and it means getting her some more cute summer outfits and having some quality family time this summer.

Gotta be a role model for my baby girl!

How long was your maternity leave? Any tips on making us mum’s feel better when we leave the nursery on the first day?




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