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Paperwork when you’ve had a baby in Spain ..

Now we know in Spain they love a bit of paperwork. I thought it was bad, didn’t realise how bad it was until we had Nelly!

I’m writing this post to help people out because I needed to see something like this explaining what needed to be done instead of being pushed from pillar to post being told one thing by one person and another by someone else. I hope it helps! Any questions ask away!

  • So first of all in the hospital, once you’ve had your baba, and before you leave you have to go back down the the maternity ward and they will give you the provisional birth certificate. For this you need the mum’s passport, has to be an original.
  • You then need to go to the Registro Civil (registry office) within 30 days of your baby being born, to get the birth certificates. They give you 2 birth certificates, and 3 copies of the literal certificate which is a bit more detailed. You need to make an appointment before you go here (type in cita previa registro civil Torrevieja) and the address is Calle Patricio Zammit, 50, Torrevieja) See pic below of the place. If you are going to apply for your baby’s DNI (spanish nationality) you need to tell them this as they give you another bit of paper.
  • registro civil.png
  • Padron. For this, as always you need your passport and NIE. You need to take all the paperwork they gave you at the registry office. If you are a home owner you have to take your house deeds with you. If you are renting they’ll ask for your rental contract and a bill in your name. Get here real early in the morning, they open the doors at 8.30 and they only give out so many appointment tickets a day.
  • Once you have the padron, you can apply for the DNI (if the baby will be registered with spanish nationality of course), you need to take passport sized photos in, the birth certificate, and the family padron. Again you need to have an appointment to be seen, the website is and the address is Calle Arquitecto Larramendi 3, 03183 Torrevieja.dni torrevieja.png
  • Then you need to go to the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social (INSS) in Torrevieja. You go here to assign your little one as the beneficiary of your sip card. Just take everything you have, they asked for your passport, Nelly’s ID, the padron certificate and of course the birth certificate. Yet again you need to make an appointment, type in ‘cita previa inss torrevieja’ on google and the website will come up. The address is Calle Urbano Urregui 8, in Torrevieja.inss.png
  • Once you have the paper from the INSS you take that into your medical centre with your padron and you can then apply for your baby’s permanent sip card.

Phew! Just writing that all down makes me feel stressed again! I really hope I’ve helped someone out by doing this. Any questions ask away! Also if I’ve missed anything out (I probably have) then let me know please!


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