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The best presents for a mum to be/mum ..

As my birthday is approaching one of my friends has asked me what I would like for it. Firstly I haven’t even thought about it and secondly I literally haven’t got a clue.

I have no idea how I used to dress pre pregnancy. My hair now consists of “unbrushed” or “mum bun” as I call it.

I don’t like coffee yet Im considering a coffee machine but then I know Ill be upset when I cant drink it hot 😂😂

Here are some of the best buys I’ve bought or been given during pregnancy or the first weeks of having Nelly that have made me feel special.

1. “The New Mum’s Notebook” – now I know I have mentioned this before. This book is beautiful, amazing, just what we need to hear, and the ironic thing is, it’s literally just what we are thinking but it really helps to see it written down by somebody else that what we are feeling is completely normal, and that we have got this.

2. A pregnancy pillow. – I believe everybody should have one of these personally, whether you are pregnant or not, male or female, this is the best pillow ever. It’s the fuckin best.

3. Refreshing foot spray. Bear with me on this one. If you are as unfortunate as me to have suffered the dreaded restless legs during pregnancy, stock up on this stuff. Just spray it and lie there and let it do it’s magic, trust me you will feel ten times better.

4. A pair of slippers and pyjamas. Make it a nice fancy pair why don’t ya? We need to feel a little bit special when we are up doing the night feed, or even a pair of pyjamas that we can get into when we get up and take our other pair of pyjamas. No, you can never have too many pairs!

5. Chocolate. This one needs no explanation.

6. A nice mug or glass, whatever. Something we can sip our lukewarm tea out of (hot cups of tea are a thing of the past now 😂)

7. Facemasks, candles, a body lotion. Anything that will give us 5 minutes if that to make us feel ourselves again. Never under estimate the power of the little things.

Sometimes we don’t even need presents, just presence. Even just a little message every now and again to check in. You don’t even have to make it baby/mummy related, send us a funny picture or just a message to make us feel like the old us again. We are still in there somewhere.



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