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Pregnancy Diary – Week 40! ..


So 283 days in .. and yes, I’m still pregnant 😂 taking it as a compliment that I obviously have a very comfortable womb, as this little nugget isn’t ready to come out and meet us yet.

It’s such a weird feeling, at the beginning of the pregnancy you are given an estimated due date, and I know statistically no baby is born on their due date unless maybe it’s a scheduled c-section, but you have this date in your mind for nearly 8 months, and it seems so far away, then it’s holy shit close, and then it’s gone, and you have no baby 😂 we went to Torrevieja hospital for monitoring on Tuesday, with our bags packed, wondering if we’d be coming out as a family or what was going to happen. They monitored me and baba, all is well, I had a rather … handy … experience with the gynacologist, then was given another appointment for next week and we were sent on our way.

I read a perfect comparison in How To Grow A Baby And Push It Out by Clemmie Hooper (have a read!!) And she says it’s like every day is Christmas Eve but you never know when Santas coming!

So cue more comments from people, if I have one more person ask me “is she here yet?” “Are you still pregnant?” “Any signs yet?” .. I think i might end up going bat shit crazy! Oh and of course the “eat pineapple/have a curry/go for a walk ..” comments .. tbh with you I have lost all my energy these past few weeks, so I shall be resting and finally ‘making the most of it’ until the big moment.

It’s also really weird because you go to bed thinking tonight could be the night (I’m convinced I’ll go into labour at night) but then wake up feeling secretly smug that you’ve managed another lie in (or is that just me?)

I remember seeing so many people due in January, and now they’ve nearly all been ticked off the list and now we are thinking Okay so when do we get to meet our little one? But I believe everything happens fo a reason and it’s all about timing. Our little girl will come out when she’s good and ready and we can only wait for her xx



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