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The hospital bag ..

As you may have gathered by now, I am a fan and at the same time not a fan, of lists.

I have had lists coming out of my ears the past 8 months, but one I didn’t do and didn’t even think of doing was a hospital bag list. It was one that I hadn’t even thought of and tbh I still haven’t finished packing, due to the fact I have packed snacks in there and I keep eating them.

But this is what I have in my hospital bag. The bag is just a plain black duffel/sports bag from Stocker, was only a tenner and is a decent size!

So for me I have :

  • 2 nighties
  • 1 pair of trackies
  • 2 pairs of leggings
  • Baggy tops ( I need to get!)
  • Lots of pants, and some socks.
  • A toiletry bag, with mini shampoo, conditioner, sudocrem, lipbalm, deodorant, wipes, tooth brush, toothpaste, and I’ve even put some foundation in there!
  • Breast pads, disposable knickers and lots of maternity pads.
  • I did have 2 bags of maltesers and some minstrels, but I’ve eaten them. Not really that sorry haha.
  • I still need to buy some nursing bras and more baggy tops.

For baby girl I’ve packed (and repacked loads of times!)

  • 5 newborn sleep suits
  • A pack of nappies (40 in a pack I think?)
  • Cotton wool pads
  • A bib
  • 2 muslin cloths
  • A blanket
  • 3 hats and 3 sets of mittens
  • 1 snowsuit

I debated packing a dummy for her, but I’ll ask mum to bring her one if we need that, as I don’t want to start her on dummies straight away.

It’s really tricky to know what to pack as we don’t know how long we will be in there and how things are going to go, but luckily as we live near the hospital, and Mum & Dad know where everything is they can pick some more stuff up if need be.

From the 1st of January I will have the hospital bag in my boot at all tmes, cos in case you haven’t noticed I am a bloody worrier haha.

Was there anything you packed that you wished you didn’t or vice versa? Let me know!





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